Determination of Safety Factor Value of PIT Design Based on Cohesion and Friction Angle
Elvira Dayanara Sibala (a*), Rohaya Langkoke (b)

Geological Department, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia


This research was conducted in East Kalimantan area. Which aims to determine the value of safety factor to know the level of the slope stability in order to make the right PIT design. The greater the SF value of a slope, the more stable the slope, so the activity of production will remain safe.
This analysis uses bhisop method. This method is used by assuming the type of landslide that will occur on the high wall side is a circular landslide, while on the low wall is the plannar landslide. In this analysis, the data used are slope geometry, cohesion values and friction angle resulting from direct shear and unit weight from basic test. The greater the value of cohesion and the friction angle, the value of the safety factor will also be greater, then the PIT design will be stable.
Result of this research, the SF values are varied, on the high wall side of 2,050 to 8,298, on the low wall wall of 2,174 to 12,670 and on the end wall of 1.838.

Keywords: SF value, bhisop method, friction angle, cohesion

Topic: Safety and resilience

GIESED 2018 Conference |